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Mockup Scene Creator

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Create your own playful scene! - in seconds

(All frames from original Mockup Scene Creator is included). Works with Photoshop (CS4 and up)

Spice up your existing scenes with a new playful touch, or create brand new ones in seconds. You can create Etsy presentations, product mockups, poster frame presentations, environment designs, etc...

A great way for any creative person to present their poster work in a professional manner. In this psd file you can create your own fully customizable desk or wall environment where you can add as many poster frames as you like, move them around, change their frame surface and much more. You will also find computer screens like Apple Cinema Display, Dell XPS Laptop and a iPad... Display your own work, your clients work or maybe just your upcoming ideas for a new kiddie poster. Perfect for Dribbble or Behance previews.

I made a quick video to show how it works:

All items have been cleaned up, hand traced with pen tool, and layered in a very nice order. All shadows are in separate layers.