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Plans for everyone

Choose the plan that works for you. We’ve made our pricing flexible so you can get, and pay for, exactly what you need. No hidden fees.

Single Download

1 download
  • All items included
  • 1500 x 1000 px download
  • No watermark in download
  • Access to Premade Scenes
  • Never expires
See table below for all features Buy now$5

1 Month Unlimited

unlimited downloads
  • All items included
  • 5184 x 3456 px download
  • No watermarks — at all
  • Access to Premade Scenes
  • Etsy integration
See table below for all features Buy now$7/mo MOST

1 Year Unlimited

unlimited downloads
  • Everything from Unlimited, plus:
  • 12 download credits for our area
    PSD Resources ($134 value)
  • 2 months extra included
  • Discounted price ($5.75/mo)
See table below for all features Buy now$69.00 SAVE!
17% OFF
Single Download 1 Month Unlimited 1 Year Unlimited
All items included
Time period Forever 1 month 12 months
Standard license included
This license is perfect if you want to display or sell your work on your website, Etsy, Facebook, Instagram or elsewhere. Want to resell mockup files? Then you need our Extended License — Read more
Downloads available 1 download Unlimited Unlimited
Image resolution 1500 x 1000 px 5184 x 3456 px 5184 x 3456 px
Free support
Premade scenes included
100% Money Back Guarantee
Keep downloads after subscription ends
No watermark on download
No watermark in editor
Etsy integration
Cancel plan anytime
Credits for PSD Resources included 1 credit$25 value 12 credits$134 value
Price $5 $7/mo $69($5.75/mo)
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Need more information?

If you have any questions about the above plans, we are happy to help you. Get in touch by contacting us us, or by emailing us at

Standard License

When you buy a subscription or a single download, our standard image license is included. This license is more than enough if you want to display or sell your work on your website, Etsy, Facebook, Instagram or elsewhere. Want to resell mockup files? Then you need our Extended License.

Extended License

If you plan to sell your mockup scenes in templates or other products intended for mass sale, then you need to purchase the extended license. With it, you can:

Sell as many copies of your scenes as you like

The sky's the limit. You don’t need to worry about how many copies you’re going to sell. We hope you sell more than you can count, so go nuts!

Get full extended license on all your scenes

The extended license is not only for a single scene, but for ALL the scenes you have ever created and will ever create in the future. The license is attached to your user ID.

Open your own mockup shop

We all know that the real artist is the person holding the brush, and not the shop that provides the paint. This is why you are fully entitled to sell your scenes as your own mockup creations if you like..

Buy Extended License now — $70 - lifetime period
How do I get my license?

As soon as you buy your extended license, you will receive an email to the email address you have signed up with. Your invoice is your license key.

How long is this license valid?

Your extended license is valid for life.

How many scenes is it valid for?

Unlimited scenes! All the scenes you will ever make or have ever made.

What if I lose my license?

Then we got your back. When you buy an extended license, you will always be able to download it from your MockupEditor Profile Page.

Can I sell my posters on Etsy?

If you only plan on using your scenes to sell your poster designs on Etsy, then you don’t even need this license. The standard license covers this just fine. This extended license is only intended for shops and designers who plan to sell their scenes or to sell products where the scene is included.

Can I resell individual items?

No. You cannot sell or use any items from Mockup Editor as individual items. Even if its modified. Extended License is only for complete and flattened scenes.

Have a question?

If you have a question, then we might have an answer. If not, then rest assure that we will do what we can to bring you one. It is most often from our users questions and requests, that new features and ideas come.

Ask a question Open full F.A.Q. Try it for yourself

What other users are asking us

This is a list of our most asked questions. If you want a full list of all questions asked, go to our full F.A.Q.

Pricing and account

Can I cancel my subscription anytime?

Anytime yes! We are only interested in active and happy customers who use our editor to enhance their portfolio or display their art and design in a better way. If you need a break in your subscription or just want to close it down, then you can do it with a single click on your profile.

If I cancel, will I keep the rest of my subscription period?

Yes, you will. So if you buy a subscription today, and cancel tomorrow, then you will still have full access to the editor and your mockups the rest of the paid subscription period.

What if I change my mind

If you change your mind and find out that you don’t want full access to our editor, then we offer a full 100% money back guaranty. We have no interest in inactive or unhappy customers, so we gladly give you a full refund if you should not find the editor as useful as we hope you would.

Do you offer an extended license for resale of scenes?

We do yes. You can find and buy it on our pricing page.

Do I need to buy an extended license for each scene I resell?

No, you only need to buy one single extended license. This will allow you to sell as many scenes you like to. The extended license will be synced with your account, making sure that all the scenes you create will have the correct license. This will also include all previous scenes you have saved or downloaded through the editor.

Is there a monthly download limit on PRO subscriptions?

No. You can use Mockup Editor as much as you want.


Do you offer different scenes/setups?

Mockup Editor only supports the "desk" scene. However, you can find 250+ rooms on Canvy, including Living rooms, Bedrooms, Kids rooms etc.

Can I download my scene in high resolution / retina?

Yes! All scenes can now be downloaded in hi-res, up to 5184 x 3456 px. Just be sure that the design you upload into your frame or screen is also in hi-res for a perfect end-result. See this hi-res example

Can I change the color of the items?

Yes, you can. On each of the colored items there is a colormask on it. To change the color of it, just right click on it and change the color value by sliding the color slider.

I need a posterframe in a specific size, how do I get it?

We made the editor in such a ways that it can create posterframes in ANY size you like. All you need to do, is to open the poster frame menu and select any of the frame styles you like. Then a popup will appear and ask you for the size you need the frame in.

I need to hide the Apple logo on the iMac

To remove any logos on any items, simply just right click on the item and select “Hide logo”.

Can i upload my own backgrounds?

Yes, you can. Just open the background category from the bottom menu. The second option in this menu is “Upload image”. Click this to upload your own image. After the image is uplaoded, you can crop it to fit the background percetly.

Can I download my scene with transparent background?

Yes. To make the background transparent, you can either just click on the background and then hit the delete button. Or you can open the backgrounds category and choose the first option “Transparent”.