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Most asked questions

Do you offer different scenes/setups?

Mockup Editor only supports the "desk" scene. However, you can find 250+ rooms on Canvy, including Living rooms, Bedrooms, Kids rooms etc.

Can I download my scene in high resolution / retina?

Yes! All scenes can now be downloaded in hi-res, up to 5184 x 3456 px. Just be sure that the design you upload into your frame or screen is also in hi-res for a perfect end-result. See this hi-res example

Do I need extended license to show my prints on Etsy?

No you don’t. You only need the standard license, which is included in all your downloads.

Can I cancel my subscription anytime?

Anytime yes! We are only interested in active and happy customers who use our editor to enhance their portfolio or display their art and design in a better way. If you need a break in your subscription or just want to close it down, then you can do it with a single click on your profile.

If I cancel, will I keep the rest of my subscription period?

Yes, you will. So if you buy a subscription today, and cancel tomorrow, then you will still have full access to the editor and your mockups the rest of the paid subscription period.

Do you offer an extended license for resale of scenes?

We do yes. You can find and buy it on our pricing page.

Do I need to buy an extended license for each scene I resell?

No, you only need to buy one single extended license. This will allow you to sell as many scenes you like to. The extended license will be synced with your account, making sure that all the scenes you create will have the correct license. This will also include all previous scenes you have saved or downloaded through the editor.

Is there a monthly download limit on PRO subscriptions?

No. You can use Mockup Editor as much as you want.